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Microblading 101 Online - Maya Moore

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Microblading 101 Online - Maya Moore

Get Ready To Learn

Your path to becoming a premier PMU brow artist starts with learning the basics of microblading theory. This course will provide you with everything you need to know about the fundamentals of microblading, PMU color theory and the many other details involved in creating beautiful symmetric semi-permanent brows.

Each video module is interactive, fun and engaging so be prepared to take notes, pause, or even rewind a section so that you're prepared for the quizzes and short assignments at the end of each lecture.

You also will have a dedicated coach to connect with if and when you have questions about any of the information covered in the course.

As a special bonus you will get unlimited access to the course information. That's right unlimited access! Which means view the course material as much as you want for as long as you want. That also means that as we update the course with new content, tools, and resources, you'll have access to it also so that you can stay in the know.

During the Course

Set yourself up for success by being focused, ready and attentive during the lectures. Try to avoid distractions or things that might pull your attention away. This will increase your chances of retaining the information and advancing forward to the next level of application. Microblading is a serious business and before performing any service you must be sure you've completely grasped the fundamentals of the art first.

As you go through the course you'll be able to download and practice the "Brows Made Simple" stroke pattern worksheet. This exercise will give you the opportunity to experience the process of creating custom brow patterns. You'll also be able to view a live microblading demonstration and see close up the service performed from start to finish.

So here's a recap of what you'll be doing during the online course:

  • Watch the video course modules and take quizzes and assessments
  • Download the Brows Made Simple practice sheets and work on your stroke patterns
  • Ask questions and communicate with your online coach
  • Watch the live microblading demonstration
  • Download other microblading support tools and resources to help you begin your journey as an artist

Course Outline

Pre-Service Procedures and Things You Must Know

  • Preparation of Work Conditions and Creating a Sanitary Workspace
  • The Critical Importance of Hygiene
  • Appropriate Client Conversations Pre and Post Service
  • More about Hygiene Standards, Disinfection and Sterilization
  • Client Contraindications

The Microblading Service

  • Hair Stroke Fundamentals
  • Manual Microblading/Micropigmentation Methods
  • Learn About Various Microblading Tools and Needles
  • Extensive Training in Color Theory and Pigments
  • Anesthesia and prepping your client before microblading service
  • Understanding the Anatomy of the Skin
  • Factors That Affect Pigment Survivability and Healed Microblading Results

Brow and Fundamental Stroke Creation

  • Understanding Facial Structures
  • The Fundamentals of Brow Mapping and Symmetry, Extraction Methods
  • Creating the Perfect Shape Drawing Using a Ruler
  • Different Hair Stroke Patterns (Learn various techniques for custom brow creation)

Business and Marketing Your Services

  • Industry standard for good customer service
  • Marketing your services ( Photo Selections, Best Social Channels for Promotion)
  • Client Retention and Referrals
  • Mandated official requirements and permits

Course Curriculum

Microblading 101

  • What is Microblading? (6:21)
  • Understanding the Skin (9:37)
  • Color & Pigment (16:42)

Brow Mapping & Building

  • Brow Mapping (7:38)
  • Brow Building (14:03)
  • Tools of the Trade (12:21)


  • Preparing the Client (18:00)
  • Preparing for the Microblading Service (Hygiene) (16:39)
  • Performing the Microblading Service (13:51)

Demonstration, Healing and Your Business

  • Live Demonstration of the Microblading Service (33:27)
  • The Healing Period (15:14)
  • Building your Business (17:19)

After the Course

Online training is just the first step! Once you've successfully completed the online course you are now prepared to take a live in person course to certify you as a microblading artist. Now keep going and become a fully certified artist by signing up for our 4 Day Brows Deluxe Course.

Students of the Brows Deluxe Course receive a Complimentary Microblading Student Kit valued at $400 which can generate $1,000's of dollars worth of services. Also as a result of taking the online course you may take $300 off the Brows Deluxe Course. (**may not be combined with any other promotional offer unless specified)

Brows Deluxe Highlight Video

After taking the online course get a glimpse into what it's like in our 4 Day Brows Deluxe Course

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