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Micro Courses - Ryan Lee

If you want to sell "information" online, you get bombarded with mixed messages. And lots of half-truths.

Half-Truth #1: Sell Low-Ticket $17 Ebooks

The Truth: Yes, you can sell these to a warm list. BUT, they're almost impossible to "scale".

Because if you want to sell lots of these low-ticket products, you need to do paid traffic (aka "Facebook ads"). And even with some up-sells, you'll likely lose a lot of money on each sale.

The reason you see some of these being advertised is because the marketer has a very expensive, sophisticated "backend" process (usually with $10K coaching sold via phone).

Half-Truth #2: Sell Big-Ticket $2K Courses

The Truth: People do buy these courses, BUT, they're overall sales and conversions have plummeted due to more competition in every market.

Plus, most people don't want to go through "bulky" courses.

And what's worse?

They can be a nightmare to create.

Because they feel so daunting, we go into "perfectionism" mode. We procrastinate. We re-record. We create powerpoint slides.

And, when (or if) we finally finish - we soon realize for a bigger ticket sale, you need a really strong conversion funnel (follow-up sequence, professional copywriting, webinar, etc.).

It's. A. Lot. Of. Work.


A Micro-Course™ is a specific system to create (and sell) mid-priced information products. They work on both the front-end and the backend.

Heck, even if you sell just 3-4 copies of a $99 product every day - that still comes out to over $100K per year. Seriously. It adds up.

The magic? Because the price is in the "sweet spot", conversions are higher. You get more people investing. And you can often run break-even or profitable campaigns from the start.

They're also a great way to test the market before launching more expensive products, programs or events.

Oh yeah, because you're not trying to sell a $2K course - they're so much easier to create. There's no room to procrastinate or over-think. In fact, I'll show you how I create these in around one hour flat.

There's virtually zero downside to create micro-courses.


Ok. Ok. I get the irony of creating a "micro-course" about Micro-Courses :)

So I'll skip over the awkwardness and dive right into what you'll discover by attending the Micro-Course™ training...

  • How to choose the right "hook" and positioning for your micro-course to stand out in the most crowded market.
  • How to find the perfect name for your Micro-Course.
  • My 1-step funnel for instant sales.
  • The fast, "No-Launch" launch (how to sell lots of programs w/o any affiliates or a traditional launch).
  • How to pick the "perfect price" for higher conversions (and maximum profits).
  • No-brainer tech. How to set everything up in less than 15 minutes.. from micro-course delivery to tech.
  • My 2-step method for increasing your micro-course profits by over 7X.
  • And much more...

If you want to sell information in 2019 (and beyond) - you don't want to miss this jam-packed, fluff-free training.

The investment? Just one payment of $99.

No upsells. No games.


This program is 100% content with zero fluff. You'll dive right into the "how to". And, by the end of this training, you don't feel it was worth your $99 investment - you'll receive a full refund. No questions asked. Because that's how I roll.

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