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Mezzanine Financier - Dandrew Media

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Mezzanine Financier - Dandrew Media

Here’s a perfect example: LEM, won the auction for the mezzanine debt on the W New York Union Square hotel bidding $2M. It was purchased in 2006 for a staggering $285M. That could’ve been you. It’s your time to succeed in commercial real estate. Take your career to the next level with Dandrew Media’s Mezzanine Financier, your go-to resource for learning Wall Street’s insider financing strategies and get in the inner circle. The next time you hear “defaulted mezzanine” you can make your move and have the know-how to close the deal.

Mezzanine Financier™ explores in remarkable detail, Wall Street’s insider secrets to innovative financing solutions and the power behind knowing how capital structure works. Within the 12 page digital guide, Intermediaries will be taught the fundamentals of mezzanine loans, how they are structured and where to find them.

Intermediaries Will Learn:

Mezzanine Financing Overview

Intermediaries will gain a comprehensive understanding of mezzanine loans and how they are structured. The principles behind mezzanine financing are shared and the Intermediary will gain insight into the different types of debt products in commercial real estate.

What the Mezzanine Lender Wants

Learn the intricacies behind the Intercreditor Agreement and discover the three items that the mezzanine lender wants in the agreement. This is a crucial lesson that could make or break a deal.

Mezzanine Loan Security

Discover the basic types of collateral and collateral options in a mezzanine deal.

Mezzanine vs Equity Financing

Become proficient in capital structure in commercial real estate. Intermediaries will compare the differences between mezzanine financing and equity financing and know when each option should be used.

What Does the Borrower and Lender Want?

It’s imperative that you have a full understanding of the borrower and lender’s needs. In this segment you will grasp a comprehensive understanding of the borrower and lender’s interests.

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