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Marketing your products or services via Facebook groups is a relatively new phenomena. This course will teach you everything you need to know to successfully market your products or services via FB groups from how to find them, how to behave their and how to effectively sell to the other members of the group.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Facebook Groups and Marketplace

  • What is Facebook marketplace? (1:05)
  • Facebook Groups vs. Pages (3:22)
  • What kinds of products you can sell in different types of groups (1:52)
  • Successful Facebook Group Formula (3:12)

Local Facebook Groups

  • How to start using local groups (2:40)
  • Joining a group (0:40)
  • How to post your products (2:37)
  • How to edit your listing (0:28)
  • Getting the Facebook app on your phone to use Marketplace (1:05)
  • How to post your items from your phone's app (1:42)
  • Sales results from my posting (2:09)

More About Facebook Marketplace

  • How to create your own group (1:58)
  • Examples of how to think creatively about what to sell (2:20)
  • Example of a smart seller (1:55)

Global Facebook Groups

  • Selling on Facebook Groups the Right Way (3:52)
  • Finding Great Facebook Groups (1:38)
  • How to Behave in a FB Group (2:20)

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