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Marketing Inc 2.0 - Glen & Diggy

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The topics covered by the videos include:

  • How they built their $60k marketing company in just 8 months
    • The fastest growing business model they recommend you use
    • Real-world examples of how their funnels (agency funnel, SEO funnel and “secret” funnel) work
    • An extensive guide to SEO for Google
    • A guide on how to close deals with clients
    • How you can build your own marketing firm even if you work part-time

You get lifetime access to the online community, and you also get a written guide on the marketing secret used by the Inc 5000. There’s even a bonus video on the more than ten tools the instructors use every day for their online business.

Marketing Inc 2

There’s a sequel called Marketing Inc 2, and by all accounts it’s another winner. If you’re starting an agency from scratch, this will be invaluable. It offers additional tools that you can use to really get you started and get you going. These important tools include:

  • Marketing System. This is one of the main areas of concern when you have an online business. In the real world, you put up a shop and everyone who walks by sees your shop so some of them may be tempted to come in and look around.
    On the Internet, marketing your website is crucial because no one really just drops in out of the blue. Visitors are led to your site in several ways, primarily through organic search so that means your website needs to be on the first page of results when someone uses Google and enters keywords that are relevant to your website. Other methods, such as using paid ads and social networking, may also be used.
  • Landing Pages. This is the page on your website that visitors “arrive” at when they click a link from another site. They may be used to convince visitors to click through other pages on the site, or even to buy something from the site.
  • Automated Sales Funnel. A sales funnel describes the process of how a lead can become a confirmed client. Here the entire process can actually be automated.
  • Capture Pages. These are web pages designed to “capture” names and email addresses for marketing purposes.
  • Autoresponder. As you begin to get more email addresses and messages you’ll begin to realize that you can’t manually do everything. That’s why you need an autoresponder, which can automate the sending of emails even while setting a personalized tone to each email.
  • Training. Like the original Marketing Inc, Marketing Inc 2 gives you detailed instructions on what to do so that you can become more efficient in your work as you continue to maximize your profits.

Marketing Inc 2 is also exclusively for members only, and again you get exceptional training which will equip you for success online. It’s a lot more comprehensive and exhaustive, as it builds on the original version with more info and tools added. It helps people save a lot of time and effort, and at the same time it gives them a greater chance of achieving success.

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