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Marketing Impact Academy 2.0 – Chalene Johnson

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MARKETING IMPACT ACADEMY 2.0 is my 14-Week Online Training Program that takes you step-by-step through the process of establishing a magnetic online presence and a system that converts social media followers into customers… so you can love what you do, make a difference, and create a profitable online business that allows you the freedom to live the kind of life you want to live.

Get Instant Online Access and over $10,000 in Bonuses!

1. YES, I understand that spaces are extremely limited for this special one-time offer, so it’s important that I act now before registration closes! (Please note we will sell out and close this program.) 

2. YES, please enroll me in the 14-week Marketing Impact Academy 2.0 Online Training. I understand this comprehensive program is a 14-module training that takes me through a step-by-step process of identifying my target market, creating and fine-tuning my brand, blueprinting my customer journey, leveraging social media to build a large following fast, and promoting and monetizing my brand and business across multiple online platforms. I understand this training includes: 

  • Understanding Latest Changes in Social Media & Mapping Your Course
  • Branding & Relationship Building
  • Attraction Marketing & Finding Your Expertise
  • Mastering Video & Live Streaming
  • The Power of Email List Management
  • Product & Offer Development (Creating Your “Baby Offer”)
  • Beta Testing & Optimizing Your Offers
  • Running Test Groups & Getting Feedback & Testimonials
  • The Infomercial Formula & The Power of Story
  • Creating Better Converting Freemiums
  • Setting Up Sales Funnels - The Online Business Blueprint
  • Your Business Plan for the Next 12 Months
  • Getting Paid By Using Paid Traffic
  • Social Media Seeding & Growth

Beginning immediately, I will receive the introductory videos, and gain access to the online community. I will receive 14-weeks worth of training with a new module releasing weekly. I also understand that I can proceed at my own pace as I can access my training anytime I want for life! 

3. YES, please include the Marketing Impact Academy 2.0 Resource Materials and Training Videos. I understand this program also INCLUDES Chalene’s worksheets, training videos, walk-thru tutorials, systems, checklists, swipe copy, calendars and education. I understand that I can download all of these resources and get started TODAY!

10. 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I understand I can TEST this system out! If I receive online access to the Members Area, and I'm not 100% satisfied, then, I can have a refund as long as I request the refund within 30 days of my order. I understand I must notify Chalene within 30 days if I want a refund because there are no refunds after 30 days… and besides, we have seven modules left as well as all the bonuses after 30 days, and I want in!

“The number one mistake business owners make is not building a list. Instead, they get caught up in the everyday hustle of making individual, direct sales or doing the wrong things at the wrong time…like building a large social media following with nowhere to send people to capture their information and therefore no way to profit from those interactions. The longevity and profitability of any business is dependent upon your ability to take your customers on a journey with you. And now, with the new opportunities made available to us to offer and serve our Lifers, for the first time ever you can build a business WHILE you build your social media! This is exactly what Marketing Impact Academy 2.0 teaches you! I can’t wait to see you inside!”

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