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Manuals, Exercises & Bonus Items - Marco Paret

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Manuals, Exercises & Bonus Items - Marco Paret

Information, history and practice of fascination. In the course of this document, we shall discover how such a force is susceptible of being developed by recourse to a self-disciplining method.


“Light is indeed a priceless gift of heaven.It is the life of every living thing.” – Schiller.


How to use the power of movement for influence with magnetic passes.


Learn to perform 7methods of hypnotic gaze for Mesmerism and fascination.


Some additional psychological elements that will help with inductions.


Mazdaznan tradition is very ancient, and we found the following exercises very useful for developing personal magnetism as well therapeutic magnetism. Most useful are the first, the second and the fifth one…


Fascination is one of the best tools to achieve very profound states of consciousness, and amnesia can be triggered most often with it than with any other method…


Magnetism can be thought as a branch of a much wider science aiming at helping the human being in reaching a quantum level beyond time and space…


What we refer to by the name Great Work is this process of growth and retrieval of the deep meaning of existence. This book additionally desires to enable the actualization, in the present world, of the development stages of this most ancient growth process which encompasses the integrated totality of the human being by leading him to a true “palingenesis”, i.e. “rebirth”.


Every teaching of ours is illusory until it is translated into a practice and an action. You will therefore be taught the directions for the first operations, of which you know from what I have said before…


I told you the first secret of the Great Work: “Create image and stare at it. In the darkness, get used to seeing with an invisible light” Then, with the practice of the mirror, I told you how you can entirely detach the sense of sight from the physical world and external space and actualize it in the ethereal light.


The fundamental exercises include the practice of viewing in a mirror


The most fitting way to represent unity is to draw a line whose ends meet and disappear.


Symbolism permits you to advance even more into the path of magnetism…

This course will give you the correct training to develop your own personal magnetism. Developing magnetism means developing the natural energy that lies wihin all of us. The methods we will use are direct and practical. They involve simply yourself and the use of your natural vitality.

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