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Manipulation Black Book - Jordan Hill & Derek Rake

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Manipulation Black Book - Jordan Hill & Derek Rake

Jordan Hill’s Manipulation Black Book is one of the biggest influences on Shogun Method™. The first edition of this book, published in the 1970’s, was a slim, 10-page booklet printed on black paper with contrasting typeset in white, giving the work its “Black Book” moniker.

The Manipulation Black Book remains deeply prized by collectors of rare books and manuscripts, with the original copy fetching as much as $2,500 in the auction circuit.

Re-publishing Jordan Hill’s seminal work has been a pet project of mine for a good couple of years, and the initiative has been stalled until we managed to reach Mr. Hill himself to get his green light on the project.

Apart from giving his much-needed blessings, he also supervised much of the project, and had completely rewritten and condensed the main gist of his legendary work into this short report.

Additionally, you’ll also find generous references to the Shogun Method and how to incorporate its teachings into your own endeavors. There’s one thing to bear in mind, however. Manipulation Black Book is not a “seduction” guide. You can use the techniques contained herein to manipulate anyone: male or female. And unlike mainstream persuasion methods, these techniques are not necessarily colorful, or morally upright. They just have to work. It makes others do what the manipulator wants them to do – not what they want to do

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