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Battlefield Kali Sword - JKD Unlimited

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Included files: 4 mp4, 1 png

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The Battlefield Kali Sword program is designed to take anyone, regardless of background, and safely develop them, step-by-step, into a highly proficient sword fighter. Every technique, drill, and isolated sparring round is designed for one purpose: to make you the very best fighter that you can possibly be. This module only includes 1 series of 4 DVDs.

Want to train in person? Find a Battlefield Kali teacher near you.

We also offer Battlefield Kali Knife, Battlefield Kali Stick.

Our self defense certification courses are suitable for all levels from beginners to experienced martial artists.


Series 1 includes 4 DVDs, one per student level (There is only one series in the BK Sword module).

Disc 1: Antas 1 Long, Middle, Hand, Head.

Disc 2: Antas 2 Long, Middle, leg, Full, Thrusts.

Disc 3: Antas 3 Middle, Close Inside Bind, Full.

Disc 4: Antas 4 Middle, Close Outside Bind, Full.

You can take your Instructor Level 1 test after you pass Antas 4


Student level testing fees

Instructor level testing fees

Video testing is easy! Just video tape yourself using any camera even your phone’s camera, then upload it to youtube.

See how video testing works here.


1 mouth piece/person- We recommend you get a custom mouth piece from a dentist

1 groin protector/person

1 rattan kali stick/person (28 inch)

1 padded stick/person

1 hand protection/person- We recommend Lacrosse gloves

1 Kicking Shield/pair

1 helmet/person (headgear+ cage)- We recommend you get the brand we sell as it is proven to work really well for the training we do

1 training sword highly suggested


Battlefield Kali is a complete curriculum that follows a logical progression to take students from beginner to advanced level all the way to instructor certification. We have taken all of the guess work out and made it easy for you to teach this cutting edge curriculum.

We are keeping the teaching license fee low, so anyone can afford it.With just one student on a one-year contract, paying $100/month, you will make a profit on your investment (even after buying all the DVDs and taking all the tests up to Instructor level)

Fill out the application to get started now!

  • Teaching has never been easier. We have done all the work for you! What you will teach is organized and easily accessible on the DVDs, including techniques,training methods and drills.
  • You can start teaching our program for only $49/month! We do not charge hefty monthly franchise fees! That covers the licenses to teach one module: Single Stick, Knife or Sword. Your monthly fee is the same whether you have 1 student or 100! The price is $59/month for 2 modules and $69/month for all 3 modules.
  • We give you a listing on our website at no additional cost! You instantly benefit from our decades of experience and our stellar reputation. Prospective students can find you easily and everyone can confirm your status with our organization.
  • We do not take a cut of your profits! You charge your students what you want and keep 100% of the tuition! (all students are required to activate a membership with of our association $50/year)
  • You can start teaching even before you reach Instructor level! This is a great way to get more training partners so you can get to instructor level faster. Your name is on all certificates even before you reach Instructor level! Your students cannot bypass you to train directly with us without your consent.
  • Secured radius of non competition! We do not allow more than one group in a specific geographical area.
  • No traveling ever required! We do not require you to host the head instructor for seminars! You can choose to come to us or choose to have us come to you but you don’t ever have to!


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