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Basic-Advanced Hypnosis Course - Gerald F. Kein

Included files: 18 avi, 1 pdf

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Language: English

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Included files: 18 avi, 1 pdf



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Basic-Advanced Hypnosis Course - Gerald F. Kein -> History
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Basic Through Advanced

Distance Learning

Hypnotism Certification Training Course

Instructed by Gerald F. Kein

16 download files. Each video file 2 hours or more in length!

Over 33 hours of powerful, high energy video training. Including practice and reading time, the total course length is well OVER 100 hours!

Basic-Intermediate Curriculum

  • The history of hypnotism
  • Nature of hypnosis
  • Semantics
  • Structuring positive suggestions
  • The Pre-induction interview
  • Developing rapport
  • Establishing client goals
  • Determining suggestibility
  • Suggestibility testing
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Role of the conscious mind
  • Role of the subconscious mind
  • Rules for successful transformation
  • Classic induction techniques
  • Unique instant, rapid and confusion-induction techniques
  • Disguised induction methods
  • Disguised hypnotic suggestion methods
  • Trance management
  • Trance deepening techniques
  • Measuring responsiveness and trance depth
  • Methods of obtaining deep trance…everytime!
  • Waking hypnosis methods
  • Direct suggestion techniques
  • Conditioned response training
  • How to teach clients self-hypnosis
  • Achieving the hypnotic coma state
  • Recognizing the hypnotic seal

Advanced Curriculum

  • Advanced induction techniques
  • Advanced instant and rapid inductions
  • Gerald Kein’s Universal Therapy
  • Step-by-step regression techniques
  • Past life regression with demonstration
  • Gestalt Hypnotherapy
  • Abreaction control and therapies
  • Abreaction hypnotherapy
  • Phobia removal
  • Pain control techniques
  • Chair therapy
  • Death bed therapy
  • Forgiveness therapy methods
  • Transformational therapies


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