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Bagua Mastery 2.0 - Bruce Kumar Frantzis

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Welcome to the re-release of the Bagua Mastery Program, the most comprehensive learning guide ever created for Bagua.

The lineage of this program was passed down over thousands of years from Master to student in China, where I learned it from Master Liu Hung Chieh.

As an American kid from New York, I know his decision to take me on as a student was not an easy one - but I believe his decision to be prophetic. The world needs Bagua, now more than ever.

No man can argue that we’ve seen some incredible advancements in modern times. As a society, we have accomplished incredible feats in the name of technology and production.

But as we collectively ‘hunch’ over computers for long periods of time... Sit under artificial lights… Worry over deadlines… Stress about the family... And over-stimulate our nervous systems with coffee and unnatural foods…

I must ask... Are we to forgo healthstrength and peace of mind in the name of progress?

Are we to be resigned to ill-healthpainworry and anxiety?

Must you accept body aches, pains, and stress as inevitable?

Or will you take Action? Seek Truth? And Re-discover Vitality?

I invite you to be one of the few who finds renewed strength in the living art of Bagua.

Frankly, it’s concerning to me how many people accept mediocrity into their lives without question, but you need not be one of these people.

This is not a diatribe against modern society or the West, this is a Call for you to become something Greater. To Become PowerfulStrong. AndVital.

Bagua will help counteract the heaviness of everyday stress, anxiety and frustration, so that you can thrive.

Bagua speaks a universal language at the center of every man and woman that is coded into your DNA...

Monks of a forgotten time imprinted this code into the text of the I-Ching: Book of Changes and perfected circular meditative movements designed to enhance human evolution.

Over time, Bagua has evolved to include potent martial arts moves that served as the primary fighting method for the Guards to the Chinese Dynasty.

Whatever the reason you choose Bagua, you’ll recognize its power in the form of better health, increased flexibility, elevated Chi, expanded awareness and great strength.

I look forward to hearing from you in the Bagua Mastery community as you begin to clear energetic blockages and awaken to your innate internalpower.

Everything furthers,

Bruce Frantzis

Founder, Energy Arts Inc.

P.S. The last time we released the Bagua Mastery Program was 5 years ago and it sold out very quickly. The re-release is now available for a limited time with added bonus material, including live footage from our last event in Ibiza. Remember, you can buy risk-free with our 100% money back guarantee, but you’ll have to act soon.

"The power of the eight diagram palms knows no bounds -- the palms seem to strike even before the hands move. When the hand threads upward, it's like a hundred birds paying tribute to the phoenix; when it threads forward, it's like a tiger swooping downhill. Walking round and round, he is like a stray wild goose that has drifted from the flock; but when the palms are thrust forward, they can move a mountain. Now dodging, now ducking, his body slithers in and out; using the opponent's force he delivers a counter, blow, with as little effort as pushing a boat down the stream." -Dong Haichuan, Founder of Baguazhang.

The I Ching, Book of Changes, and the 8 Trigrams

Deep within the Kunlun Mountains records have been found in monasteries that are over 4,000 years old. They tell of Taoist monks who would hold various mudras (specific hand shapes) and recite mantras (prayers and incantations) while walking in circular patterns.

Bagua is said to be descended from these original practices and recorded in the I-Ching: Book of Changes. The 8 elemental trigrams are represented in the form of a Single Palm Change, which is the basis of the Bagua Mastery Program.

The 8 Elemental Trigrams

Heaven | Lake | Fire | Thunder | Wind | Water | Mountain | Earth

Walking the Circle

Walking the Circle creates a vortex of energy that builds to empower and strengthen you, while helping to create a 360-degree awareness.

This sphere of energy is ideal for martial arts and fighting applications, but it also taps into a higher vibrational state that quiets the mind and generates a new perception of time.

Palm Changes and the Single Palm Change

The various combinations of arm movements in bagua are called palm changes.

The most important and foundational palm change is the Single Palm Change because it incorporates every element of the trigram and allows for seamless transitions between movements.

Holding the palm posture of the Single Palm Change while Walking the Circle is how you focus chi, transfer energy, reduce stress, and build incredible strength.

Bagua as a Powerful Spiritual Practice

The I-Ching contains two and half millennia of spiritual wisdom within its pages and Bagua represents this wisdom in physical form.

Only direct experience with advanced Bagua is adequate to truly know the spiritual power of the practice. Words always fail in comparison…

My promise to you is that the Bagua Mastery Program provides a complete condominium all that my Bagua lineage holds, so that you may one day experience the Power.

Here's What You'll Receive in 4 Monthly Installments:

1. The Bagua Mastery Program Full Text in Digital Format

Over 1000 total pages, covering all aspects of bagua and the Single Palm Change - beginner to advanced

  • Step-by-step and detailed instruction with graphics to help you improve quickly and efficiently
  • The largest volume of text about bagua in the history of the world

2. High-definition Videos of Over 35 Hours of Direct Training with Bruce Frantzis

Over 34 hours of instruction from the Bagua Instructor Event, Wind Palm Event and Earth Palm Event divided into 202 distinct lessons, that will help you visualize and practice with confidence

  • Learn visually and physically by shadowing the movements of an expert
  • Practice in unison with other students and discover the vital tweaks that will bring your practice to the next level

3. Guided Bagua Audio Practices for Circle Walking Practice Sessions

Let Bruce guide you in real-time as you practice the movements with these 63 guided practices

  • Use your phone, iPod (mobile mP3 player) or home stereo to listen while you move - Over 17+ hours of audio!
  • This is like having an instructor in the room with you

2. High-definition Videos of Over 35 Hours of Direct Training with Bruce Frantzis

Over 34 hours of instruction from the Bagua Instructor Event, Wind Palm Event and Earth Palm Event divided into 202 distinct lessons, that will help you visualize and practice with confidence

  • Learn visually and physically by shadowing the movements of an expert
  • Practice in unison with other students and discover the vital tweaks that will bring your practice to the next level

4. Access to our private Facebook group

Our Private Page will connect you with a worldwide community to discuss the month’s course material, share experiences, as well as give and receive support. This is where you can post questions for guidance.

In the First Installment You Receive Modules 1 through 3:

MODULE 1 How to Use the Bagua Mastery Program For Maximum Results

  • Establish PhysicalEnergetic, and Mental Principles that will set the stage for a successful practice
  • Discover how Bagua builds chi via the 16 Neigong toincrease your internal power and energize your body
  • Get a solid foundation with the Bagua ‘internal warm-up’ method and learn the stepping system that will be the core of your whole practice

MODULE 2 Learning to Walk the Circle

  • Transition from straight-line walking to circle walking basics
  • Discover how circle walking can enhance your Taoist meditation practice for inner tranquility and peace
  • Learn how to maintain balance and orientation even while reversing direction, which is essential for the Single Palm Change and Dragon Body

MODULE 3 Bagua Body Unification Method

  • Learn the 3 exercises that will give you tangible connection with your internal body
  • Discover how to establish communication with all parts of your body without tension and while staying relaxed
  • Open up key energy channels to provide a simple and concrete path for your mind to enter your body

In the Second Installment You Receive Modules 4 through 6:

MODULE 4 Applications for Tai Chi and Other Energy Arts

  • Learn the initial four postures of the Bagua Energy Posture Series (derived from the complete system of 200 static arm postures within the Taoist monastic tradition)
  • Discover how the specific position of your arms while Walking the Circle is the key to chi generation and opening energy channels in your body
  • Progress smoothly through each posture to help you advance to the Single Palm Change

MODULE 5 Twisting and Coiling Silk in Tai Chi and the Single Palm Change

  • Discover why the Single Palm Change Palm Posture is the King of All Postures and how it develops the chi of the bodymind and spirit more than any other single technique in the world.
  • Learn how to distinguish Upper Body Palm Postureswithin the container of the Single Palm Change while Walking the Circle
  • Integrate your postures with your torso, spine, head, waist, hips and legs to connect specific energy channels within your physical and etheric energy body

MODULE 6 Bagua Dragon Body

  • Discover why the Dragon Body is distinct to Bagua and carries with it profound implications for creating an elastic body
  • Find out how the Dragon Body position, done properly and with precision, can promote lateral and horizontal strength
  • Learn how to avoid the dangers of overturning by performing the Dragon Body safely - by twisting your waist in incremental stages - to avoid injury

In the Third Installment You Receive Modules 7 through 9:

MODULE 7 Circle Walking Direction Change: Complete Footwork

  • Unleash the power of Universe in your body as you mirror the intelligence of the natural world in your movements and steps
  • Learn the complete footwork for changing and reversing directions while Walking the Circle, so as to fully appreciate lateral muscular movement
  • Discover why seamless and fluid transitions are vitalfor releasing stagnant energy and promoting flexibility

MODULE 8 Single Palm Change Warm-up and Transition

  • Learn the final four postures in the Bagua Energy Posture Series to develop your energetic body to its highest level
  • Use breathing and gazing practices to open up channels within your body for expansion, both physically and spiritually
  • Discover martial arts applications for Bagua to use in fighting situations or simply to evolve your practice

MODULE 9 Heaven Single Palm Change: Changing Direction on the Circle

  • Incorporate everything you’ve learned into a powerfuland effective Palm Change that promotes health and vitality
  • Learn in a step-by-step progression that leaves nothing to chance, with videos, diagrams and guidedaudio lessons
  • Discover the essence of the ‘Heaven’ element as you enter into deeper meditative states at this level

In the Fourth Installment You Receive Modules 10 through 12:

MODULE 10 Water Palm Change and Roll the Ball

  • Discover the hidden complexity of the spiraling arm actions necessary to perform the Water Single Palm Change
  • Learn how ‘Rolling the Ball’ can expedite the learningprocess while maintaining good functional form
  • Integrate your practice with specific meditations for cultivating Water energy within your Being

MODULE 11 Bagua Double Palm Change (Earth)

  • Discover why the Bagua Double Palm Change is represented by the second trigram of the I Ching, known as “earth” (or kun in chinese)
  • Tap into the essence of yin energy as the ‘prime yin’ or soft power generation method of bagua
  • At this point, you’ll be able to feel the chi moving you, rather than you moving the chi

MODULE 12 Wind Single Palm Change

  • Develop advanced spinning techniques whereby your body spins like a whirlwind
  • Feel the undeniable force of chi energizing your entire body and mind
  • Face each day with more confidence and ease as you learn to release stress more efficiently and cultivate strength from within

Once Again, Here’s Everything You’ll Receive:

The Bagua Mastery Program in 12 Complete Modules

  1. The Full Bagua Mastery Program Text in Digital Format: With Over 1000 Pages of Detailed Instruction and Exclusive Content [VALUE: $500]
  2. High-Definition Videos - Over 35 Hours of Direct Training with Bruce Frantzis [VALUE: $2,500]
  3. Guided Bagua Audio Lessons - 17+ Hours for Real-time Circle Walking Practice Sessions [VALUE: $500]
  4. Private Membership Site with Easy Access to All Materials, Bonuses and Question & Answer


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