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Azon Dropship Sniper - Anoosh Kashefi

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Azon Dropship Sniper

The same exact system 100+ students have used to build a dropshipping empire from the comfort of their home!

In this Amazon drop shipping course you will learn everything you need to know and more on how to start and profitably run & grow your own Amazon Business!

*UPDATES: I will be continuously adding videos and tools to this course as time goes on! If Amazon makes any changes that impact us as sellers you can expect a video or post on how to react and account for it!

In this training I'll cover :

  • Top 10 suppliers
  • Product Research
  • Product Criteria
  • The exact tools I use to make over $10,000 profit a month
  • How to hire virtual assistants to put your Amazon empire on autopilot
  • Piggybacking off of hot selling Amazon listings for FAST sales
  • How to skyrocket reviews on your Amazon account
  • How to own the buy box and hit 100+ orders per day
  • How to setup & manage your amazon seller account
  • Additional product research methods
  • $1500 in 10 days case study with John B.


Everything that Benny learned to hit $50,000 in 30 days is waiting for you in the Dropship Sniper private members area - get instant access right now!

“I just want to recommend Anoosh’s drop shipping system. From what I learned from Anoosh I have made thousands of dollars on Amazon and it’s allowing me to be a stay at home dad….I highly recommend this!”

“Just a few days after getting setup with everything to start, I started getting sales right away with his help”

"In the beginning i was skeptical and was not sure I could do an online business.. It has helped to get consistent money each month now with the business. Thanks to Anoosh!"

REFUND POLICY: Refunds given only when requested by email, by a student who has purchased the course less than 30 days prior, and has viewed less than 30% of the course. Whether or not you click on the COMPLETE & CONTINUE button, makes no difference. The rule applies once you access 30% of the modules in the course, whether or not you view the videos. Absolutely NO exceptions!

Amazon, the Amazon logo, Fulfillment by Amazon, FBA, Seller Central, and any other Amazon owned company names, products, and/or logos are property and the trademarks of or its affiliates. Dropship Sniper and/or Anoosh Kashefi are not directly affiliated with, Inc. 

Class Curriculum

Module 1 - Account Setup & Performance

  • Welcome to the Dropship Sniper family!
  • Introduction to Amazon Dropshipping
  • Amazon Launch Blueprint
  • Amazon Account Verification
  • Understanding Amazon Seller Performance
  • Module 1 FAQ
  • Module 1 Homework

Module 2 - Building The Foundation

  • Top Suppliers List
  • How To Earn Up To 12% Cash Back From Top Suppliers
  • Additional Cash Back Opportunities
  • Introduction + Basic Setup Of Skugrid Software
  • Module 2 FAQ
  • Homework

Module 3 - Profitable Product Research

  • How To Find 3 Profitable Products...Fast!
  • List Of Acceptable Categories
  • How To List Products On Amazon
  • How To Add Products To Sku Grid
  • Step By Step Order Processing Blueprint
  • Done For You Product Sales Spreadsheet
  • Done For You Email Scripts
  • Homework


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