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Advanced Figma Masterclass - Alexunder Hess

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Advanced Figma Masterclass - Alexunder Hess

Advanced Figma Masterclass - Alexunder Hess

In this masterclass you'll learn:

  • Secret Figma features nobody talks about
  • Become a Pro in Figma by using Components, Autolayouts, Variants, Atomic Design approach and Interactive components
  • Become confident in your UI skills and Efficient AF (Advanced Figma)
  • Plugins are great, but you can be a Pro without them
  • Still, need plugins? How to choose the best of them
  • Make your prototypes blow clients’ minds
  • Design any project in minutes
  • You can’t design fast; you can design super fast
  • Want to create Design Systems? You’ll learn where to start
  • Webdesign. Your boss, colleagues, managers, and clients will be mind blown by the speed of your work
  • Webapp design. You can optimize how you use Figma and create stunning designs and breathtaking prototypes with Figma (dashboards, expand/collapse menus, drag to rearrange elements, modals)
  • Mobile app design. Auto-layouts, components and interactive components will change the way you design mobile apps (animate tab bar, build prototypes, optimize main content, use components, auto-layout and “null” object)
  • You will learn all these things in the Advanced Figma masterclass!

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